as part of Fridays on Ice at The Ice Factory

New Ohio Theatre

154 Christoper Street | West Village

July 26th at 10:30pm

Tickets: $15

Seven performers step in front of an audience and attempt to dance/move/gyrate their way through the story of Romeo & Juliet without knowing what music is going to be accompanying them. The music will be provided by a special guest's music collection set to shuffle. Have you ever seen Romeo court Juliet to the soothing sounds of "Javert's Suicide" from Les Mis? What about Tybalt and Mercutio fighting in the street to a random voice memo our special guest recorded years earlier? Regardless of what comes out, our performers must move with it and move the story forward using it. It's going to be an absolutely beautiful train wreck. So why not have a beer and watch?

Romeo and Juliet Shuffle DJ POSTER TABLO